Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alumni Reunion, AS/IS Manila, Sept 2007

Jeff and BettyJeff and Betty Phillips

Alumni Reunion, AS/IS Manila.
Location: San Francisco

MABUHAY! Below please find viewable picture links from everyone who has sent them to me as of 15th September - I hope you agree it is convenient to have all the links in one place. A big SALAMAT to Michelle, Shawn, Noriel, Diane, Andoy, Mike, Tom, and Hank for your contributions!! If you want me to include a link to your fotos here, just let me know and I'll be happy to add it for you.

"Viewing" of the links below can be done without being a member of Facebook, or Shutterly, or Kodak, or Flickr. To paraphrase Tom "Alex Trebek" Larson, ITS JUST FOR FUN!! I don't control any of these websites' back-office hijinx, so sometimes you may be asked to join in order to BIEW DA FIKCHORES. If you join Facebook, please add Michelle, Jeff, Shawn, Andoy, and Diane to be part of your "barkada" O.K.?!! We are all part of the "old school invasion" of FaceBook, and you can be too.....

Lastly a plug for Shawn [Palmer] Russell: the link on Shutterfly is a duplicate from Facebook, just in case anyone wants to order fotos through them .... recommended by Shawn's daughter-in-law, a professional wedding photographer. Elly's Photography

Facebook link
(Jeff Phillips pictures, Day 1 & 2)

Facebook link
(Jeff Phillips pictures, Day 3)

Facebook link
(Michelle [Palmer] Alvino pictures)

Facebook link
(Shawn [Palmer] Russell pictures)

Shutterfly link
(Duplicate of Shawn's pictures on Shutterfly)

Facebook link
(Diane [Murray] St. Onge pictures)

Facebook link
(Andoy Butler's pictures)

Kodak Gallery link
(Mike Lipman pictures)

Facebook link
(Noriel Maghirang pictures)

Flickr link
(Hank Miller/Tom Bigelow pictures)

Facebook link
(Jeff and Betty's friends in the Bay Area)

Facebook link
(Jeff and Betty's family through the years)

Betty Phillips